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Temporary Sports Halls

The Only Sports Hall You’ll Ever Need
Useful Structures' sports halls are designed on a per client basis; whether you operate a school, sports club or complex, or athletic club. Available in Sport England Standard 3, 4, 5 and 6 court hall sizes, and in two distinctive categories, Alpha and Beta, our robust sports halls are designed and engineered to remain in one place indefinitely; but can be moved simply, quickly and cheaply if needed. 

Easy, Affordable Expansion and Relocation
Two key benefits in choosing a Useful Structures temporary sports hall are affordability and adaptability. The structures themselves cost a fraction of the price of traditional buildings. As they do not require traditional foundations, it’s relatively easy and inexpensive to relocate the structures to another site. If you outgrow your existing Useful Structures sports hall, we can simply add onto the length to accommodate your growth.

Standard Options
If your activities are all to be held during daylight hours, you may not need interior lighting because the innovative membrane roof allows the daylight to enter the building. Lighting is available as an upgrade, however. Our standard available options include the following:

  • Doors: Choose from single doors, double doors, roller doors, or glazed doors.
  • Walls: A full range of profiles and exterior colours to help you complement surrounding structures if necessary
  • Roof: Depending on your needs and selected package, the eaves can reach over 8m high to meet all local and international official requirements for many sports, and allows for activities such as volleyball and even pole vault!

In addition to the standard options available, Useful Structures also provides each client with a full range of upgrade options. Our knowledgeable team will show you a selection of heating and lighting packages, shower and changing modules, and even rebound boards. We’ll answer any questions you have about the pricing, logistics, and benefits of each choice, and work with you to address any special requests.

Strong, Robust, Long Lasting Structures

Each of the temporary sports buildings built by Useful Structures is anchored into your concrete base, so no foundation is needed. While that does allow for an expedited and cost effective set up, it does not mean that the longevity, quality or integrity of the hall is compromised. All are engineered to BS6399 wind and snow load requirements for your area - just like a traditionally built modern building. 

Get in touch today
The quality and engineering designed into each sports hall or training facility assures a safe, long lasting structure, built to withstand the elements and provide a spacious, practical place for your activities. Once you view our gallery, we’re certain that you’ll want to know more.
Please contact the professional sales team at Useful Structures and allow us to show you why we should be your choice in permanent and temporary sports hall structures.

Temporary Sports Hall and Learning Spaces


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